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Welcome to Backshall Class!

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Our class is named after the British explorer Steve Backshall.  One of the reason’s we chose Steve is because of his perseverance.  When he makes mistakes, he keeps trying and never gives up.  

Mrs Noon, Class Teacher


Hello I am Mrs Noon and I am the class teacher in Backshall Class.

One of my favourite activities in school is art, especially creating art using natural materials.

Miss Mayes, Student Teacher


Hello, my name is Miss Mayes and I am the class apprentice teacher in Backshall Class.

My favourite TV program of Steve Backshalls is ‘Deadly 60’ I find it fascinating looking at the different animals and what make them deadly!

My favourite thing to do at school is Math.

Miss Notley, Teaching Assistant


My name is Miss Notley and I am the teaching assistant in  Backshall Class.

One of my favourite things to do in class is Art.  


My favorite subject is Maths.